A time to celebrate or recoil? | WWA

Happy January everyone!
We’re busy at WWA headquarters and were working in our thongs, a practice I picked from Peita
Davies for summertime working. How are you all going? I hope you’re sufficiently cooled in your workspaces, and you’ve all had a great break.

We are very excited to announce that the Altitude awards are now open – Don’t you love Christine’s enthusiasm? I love it! We are very excited. Nominations are already coming in, which brings me to a topic that I need to bring up. I was having a chat with a colleague about the awards the other day, who said that she noticed that women physically recoil when discussing entering the awards – why do we do this? I know that it challenges us when we have to put ourselves out there. I’m sure there are deeply grained reasons why we women do this, and I’m not a psychologist, so we won’t dissect it here today. But this is precisely why we created a nomination process. By allowing and encouraging people to nominate, we noticed that women (who still sometimes recoiled) were more open to entering and accepting a nomination when it was from a colleague or customer.

SOOOO with that in mind my friends, please get nominating! Let’s illuminate these amazing women we know all around us, the people who inspire you and won’t put themselves forward. They do not have to be members – anyone who you know deserves recognition and gratitude. We need to share far and wide and bring women’s stories into the spotlight. Our social media campaign that we are about to kick off is
#who me?
#Yes you!

To nominate someone for the Altitude awards, click here:

Have a super sunshiny week
Love and hugs
Andy xx