Are You Open to Opportunity? | WWA

Here we are in Spring and it is a time when the energy quickens and we feel our spirits lift as we come out of the colder months of winter. It is natural to feel that the air is full of possibility, however sometimes opportunities present themselves and we need to take action because if we hover on the edge of the opportunity, it may just pass us by.
Sometimes these opportunities present themselves as a whisper and we need to be paying attention to take advantage of the idea. Knowing that there is energy around us to support what we are thinking of doing is a great comfort. It can be that the opportunity presents itself is a most unlikely way such as someone else changing their mind because a better opportunity has presented for them and we are left with what looks daunting but actually is a great a great opportunity.
So how can we make sure that we do not miss an opportunity? First, make sure that you are clear about your BIG Idea – what do you really want – this can be a general idea which you then put parameters around but leaving the ‘how’ detail to the Universe and then just get ready for the ‘out of left field’ surprises. When the energy is supporting you and you have done you the defining about you BIG idea, then that good old Universe will just get behind you and deliver up the goods and you will be left thinking ‘How on earth did I end up here?’
Often we tend to over-think things when really they are very simple. So pay attention to opportunities that come your way, whether they are loud or just whispers and then take action because the Universe loves inspired action and gives us more of the good stuff.

Barbara Callan