Back from a Burnout | WWA

Back on home soil after an amazing holiday, seeing my stepson marry and exploring Italy with my hubby and children I had a realisation. I was burnt out. Following on from a great article last week from Kirsten Barnett Brown from Kidsize Living on our mental loads, I realised how much my life has become out of balance. I love my job, I love my business, but I realised on my holiday that I needed a complete break to ‘reset’ my energy. I have allowed myself to become obsessed and absorbed in my business, to the detriment of other parts of life. The truth is I haven’t hosted a dinner party or a lunch with friends in forever, I barely exercise and I have no energy left for renovating my home and find it hard to focus on projects that are not work-related. Being away has been the ideal tonic to help me to face this. I only worked for about 20 minutes on my entire break, and I focused on being with my family an enjoying my holiday.
There are many business owners out there close to burn out. I understand that giving our all is how we do things, failure is not an option and yet how often do you stop and ask yourself if this urgent task you are doing will make any difference in outcome if its done tomorrow?
Like anyone, I need to practice some new skills and boundaries to afford myself and my family some balance. Here is my list that I came up with that will be my focus to implement now that I’m home. What are your boundaries and how do you enforce them? is it easy or do you find it hard/ I would be so keen to hear your thoughts on this?
Ask me when you see me how I’m going with these, help me with accountability.

My new (tentative) boundaries to support balance:
• Phone and Social media off from 6pm to focus on my family time
• Schedule time to think and just do nothing
• Commit to seeing some friends – start with once or twice a quarter – socialising/hosting a dinner
• Question posted on my computer – Is what I’m doing right now important and productive? Can it wait until tomorrow?
• Reminder in my phone to eat
• Re-instate the walking meeting – Let’s talk and catch up whilst going for a walk – Love this one and started doing with Christine, but lots of our meetings could be taken this way
• Organise a stand-up desk system.
I’m sure there are more, I’m starting with these

Andy x