Understand the power of stepping out of your business | WWA

I’m too busy, or I’m needed in the office is commonly heard when chatting with people who are in small business. The context of the conversation is usually around challenges on business growth, taking the business to the next level, navigating change, cashflow, staff or procedures and then when the opportunity is presented to step out and work on these exact things, we can’t find the time.

I too have had these reasons or excuses. In my years in small business one thing though has become blazingly clear to me. It is folly if I don’t take time out and work on my business. And I don’t mean sitting on my working on my figures, although that is imperative too. I’m talking about doing classes, growth days, mentoring programs or boot camps that promote collaboration and discussion and most importantly objectivity.
Because everyone is passionate about their own business or idea, but when we are working in it 24/7, we can start to lose perspective or lose the ability to see our business from different dimensions. Working with supportive others can help you with this. IUn f act they can often open up ideas, or point out things that have been missed by us the business owner, who is right in te middle of it.
For example, the other day I was in my local cafe. A beloved place as they make great coffee. I have been going there since they opened five years ago. What I discovered the other day are the cakes and the pies, and slices and decadent goodies in their display cabinet are all made fresh on the premises. I was aghast, Please shout this from the rooftops, have signage and let your clients know about this beautiful point of difference. The cafe is pumping, I get it, there is no time, but business can always be better right? I think we need to take seriously the investment in making time to bounce ideas and get perspectives from others.

I hope I don’t sound like a ranting looney. I never mean to finger wave. I share with you what I know, and I also need to do in my business, it helps me too. I’m just so passionate about your success; I want everyone to get the maximum success from your efforts in your business.

I guess it like going to the gym, having a mental health day, etc., we must make it important enough.

Until next week, Big hugs

Andy xx