Are you coping with keeping up social media | WWA

This morning there is a newspaper article about how singer Ed Sheeran is considering giving up social media altogether. He describes how he decided to give it a rest late last year and is enjoying it so much; He’s talking to people more!. He mentions that he went back to Twitter recently and within a short time got off again, feeling that it’s a negative and toxic environment.

What do you think? It’s a topic I’m having a grapple with at the moment, mainly as I haven’t been on social media that much because I haven’t had time! WWA is very busy with expansion plans, I have two kids just starting back at high school, and I’m stuffed at the end of the day I see a few posts and fall asleep!

Our type of community means that I need to be on social, but I cold am on there all day! – What do you do? And how do you feel about a toxic environment? 11 years since we have had full on social media in our faces and hands, do you agree with Ed Sheeran and think it’s a toxic place?

I think some awful people pile on to important discussions etc., but I also find it a funny, heartwarming place at times. I like seeing my friends celebrating what they love and whom they are proud of. I don’t look through it with a lens of envy or compare myself to what others are doing, although I do notice that all the right stuff is what gets posted, not the curled up in a corner struggling moments – but are they for sharing with the world anyway?

Are we going to see more people haveing a social media sabbatical in the future? How often are you on that one would require a time out away from it, I must admit I don’t think I’m there yet. I am however noticing that while I don’t have a chance to check constantly on what’s happening, I swing like a pendulum of feeling like I’m missing out, to not caring at all.

Where do you sit?

Andy xx