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Happy Monday!
It is wonderful to be back home after a week travelling in NZ for the festival of Molly ( My daughters 13th birthday). I must be truthful and share that it wasn’t restful, wrangling a husband (he was easy), two children and two grandparents were a challenge, sometimes they were all talking to me at once LOL.

One of the highlights was the tour of Weta Studios – a behind the scenes look at the amazing gadgets, weapons, creatures and special effects they make for the movie industry. We are big fans of LOTHR, and so this was wonderful to get the goss from the movie.  We visited Rivendell ( home of the elves or at least where the scenes were shot)  and also the place in the forest where Frodo, Sam, Pippin & Merry hid from the Ringwraiths on the way to Bree in the first movie, the fellowship of the ring

The main thing that I realised is just HOW much of what is real in the movies is a mirage or added later. Everything, in reality, is so much smaller or illusory. It got me thinking about how we do this in our businesses, in our lives.
Let’s take business for example. The amount of work that you’re putting in. The hours of thinking time, the struggle, the doubt, the joy and even sometimes the despair. We don’t share all that is going on for us in our business, and rather we work to creating an illusion that everything is great when sometimes it isn’t.

I was wondering about this. I say we because this includes me too. We edit and put through a filter what we will and won’t share. I think we do it even more now with social media.  I’m split with this. One one hand I think this is fine because you want to only share with people who can support you, where trust has developed, and you know that what you are sharing will be treated with respect and in the right context.  On the other hand, I’ve experienced on so many occasions, people who are willing to share and be vulnerable and where that takes them. When they open up in a safe environment amongst colleagues and sometimes even strangers, I have witnessed the most amazing gifts of support, suggestion, and ultimately offers of help and assistance. I have not yet met someone who has chosen vulnerability say to me that they regret sharing.

My challenge for this week is to share my vulnerability.  As a mum and business owner, I’m struggling. I can see many more ways that I need to be there for my ASD child and help her get through High School. I have a broad vision for my business and community and while it energises me most of the time, its also keeping me awake at night right now. How am I going to do this all?

When Weta studios first started, it was a backyard shed, who knew the scale they would reach. One thing I took away was that there was the same level of anxiety, fear and risk that we are all facing each day. They shared with each other, found solutions and kept going. I’m going to do my best to keep sharing, keep communicating what is real and keep the illusion in balance.
One foot in front of the other peeps.

A xxxxx