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Are your work habits producing results? Total transparency here. What I talk about in our community is always what I most need to learn myself. I’m the first to admit that I’m not the most disciplined person, and I have always been an admirer of structured people who follow routines and meticulous lists.
I am currently shining an examination light on my work habits and wanting to cultivate result producing practices. I’ve learned long ago, though, that following other people’s plans and ideas often don’t work for me. Does it work for you? I think we have to find our unique way.

A couple of weeks ago I installed a habits app – and it’s a massive fail…. There is a nice ting-a-ling bell on my phone to remind me to drink water or take my vitamins or to meditate – and truth – I’ve only ticked of 2 occasions of 4 daily habits per day in 2 weeks. – Can you do the math? Thats 54 times I missed LOL
Seriously below there are some great ideas for productivity that might be helpful for you to try. Let me know what you have discovered works for you.

  1. Keep a Clear and Tidy Desk: Upon researching for this blog, all of the experts say that this is crucial for helping your mind stay on track – I don’t think its full proof, but I do find when my desk is clear I can focus on one particular task for longer.
    Work habits for successIn fact, the Harvard Business Review published a study which found that people with clean and tidy desks stick to one task one and half times longer!



2. 20% Rule: Let’s be truthful the day we plan can often go to sh**t. The idea for this rule is to get in a minimum of 90 minutes work on your priorities or most important tasks. If the day is lost or if you lose focus or are putting out fires, if you are have completed 90 minutes work on a priority you will make progress,

3. Beware your productivity killers – Phones, Emails, Social Media, Apps on your phone and computer – messenger, what’s app, etc. If you want some productive, focused time, Turn them off or onto silent and move your phone off your desk.
Work Habits for success




4. Use Jeremiah Dillons Method; Jeremiah is the head of product marketing at Google HQ in the states and believes that our Monday Self and Friday selves are never going to be as productive. ( I agree with Fridays!) Jeremiah believes that there are certain days  that are more productive and supportive of our creative juices to flow. Here is a cool video to explain:

5. Eat that Frog! by the master Brian Tracy, 21 ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time. Whilst this genius book as 21 simple suggestions, the main premise is to find the one task that you will put off or procrastinate about all day and do this as your first task of the day. I have tried this strategy and it does energise me, its like a weight is lifted when I do this and the day os always smoother.

There are LOADS more but lets not list any more – it gets a bit boring right? If everyone was perfect we wouldn’t need these strategies, but were not, so we need them in small doses.  I will say it again – Its WHAT WORKS FOR YOU, nothing more, nothing less.

One last one cos I can’t  help myself – Do the email audit? Is the email you are about to write necessary? Could the answers and email trail immediately be sorted by picking up the phone?
– Save your time!

Have a brilliant and productive week
Andy xxx